How Crable Wireless Charging Shelves Can Increase Dwell Time

Dwell Time - Important for your hospitality business: a valuable proposition for owners and managers within the hospitality industry.

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How Crable Wireless Charging Shelves Can Increase Dwell Time

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The Importance of Dwell Time

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, business owners and managers are constantly seeking new strategies to attract and retain customers. One often overlooked factor that can significantly impact the success of any establishment is the concept of dwell time (the length of time customers spend in a venue).

Customer satisfaction provides numerous benefits to bar and coffee shop owners, from fostering a welcoming atmosphere to driving foot traffic and, with increased dwell-time, ultimately enhancing profitability. One of the primary advantages of encouraging increased dwell time is the opportunity for customers to enjoy a second cup of coffee or indulge in additional drinks. Coffee shops, for example, thrive on creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere where people can relax and savour their beverages while hanging out with friends, working with colleagues, or simply taking a moment for themselves. Extending a customer’s stay means they are more likely to order another round, boosting sales for the hospitality premises.

Phone Charging is Just as Important as Wi-Fi

As establishments have used the implementation of Wi-Fi to ensure dwell-time in their establishments, the next wave will be multifaceted charging solutions. No longer will consumers vie for the nearest socket. Customers forgetting their charging devices no longer need to ask around at the chance someone has the correct charger they need. Crable Wireless Charging Shelves keep all your consumers happy, and with the cost effective and energy-efficient shelf, the ability to charge a device will never be further than a short reach over the table.

Throughout time bar owners used the ability to leverage extended dwell-time to their advantage. Offering an array of entertainment options such as billiards, darts, or board games encourages patrons to stay longer, partake in friendly competition, and order more drinks in the meantime. These additional rounds not only contribute to revenue growth but also establish a reputation for a vibrant and lively gathering place, ultimately attracting new customers for future visits.

Phones are for More than Calls

With customers fully settled into the digital-age, mobile devices have become a centrepiece of the excursion experience. Consumers need their devices for a variety of reasons: from payment, navigation, communication, leisure to recording videos or taking photographs and utilising their almost limitless number of apps.

Using Crable Wireless Charging Shelves to extend dwell-time can have a positive impact on safety within the hospitality sector. When customers feel welcomed and comfortable, they are more likely to enjoy their time and naturally avoid risky behaviour that could lead to accidents or disturbances. By providing a friendly ambiance where people can relax and socialise freely, the risk of unwanted behaviour and potential conflicts is significantly reduced, promoting a safer environment for all consumers. This, in turn, will attract a wider variety of consumers to the business and ensure continued patronage.

Promote Your Brand and Interactive Advertising

Crable Wireless Charging Shelves can be customised with PAD printing which can be used to further advertise products. QR codes can be placed on the shelf. These options ensure that your business can keep the focus on a variety of different marketing devices while knowing that the consumer will be standing around and engaging with the Crable shelf. The integration of QR codes on the Crable Charging Shelves can further enhance the marketing potential. Consumers charging their devices can easily scan the QR codes to access exclusive offers, promotions or additional information about the event or sponsor. This not only provides a direct link between the advertisement and the consumer but also encourages engagement and interaction with the brand or sponsor.

With increasing competition, concentrating on attracting customers during different time slots can be a powerful strategy for increasing dwell-time and expanding foot traffic. Implementing Crable Charging Shelves can aid in hosting special events such as live music or themed nights, and can draw in crowds during traditionally slower periods, encouraging patrons to stay longer and participate in the festivities. With the ability to brand the shelf or use a QR code, further offers and events can be advertised to the customers. These additional hours of occupancy not only enhance the atmosphere but also stimulate content driven, word-of-mouth marketing - further driving foot traffic during peak hours.

Ease of Effective Cleaning is a Priority in Hospitality

Prioritising easy cleaning practices is essential for any business in the hospitality sector. Longer dwell-times allow staff more flexibility in their cleaning routines, as they can address specific areas without causing disruptions to customer experience. Crable Charging Shelves are easily wiped clean. An important value of wireless charging shelves is their ease of cleaning. Crable Charging Shelves are water-resistant and can withstand the use of strong cleaning chemicals. This makes it easy to maintain their appearance and ensure that brand logos and advertisements remain defined and eye-catching, even after multiple cleaning cycles. By ensuring a clean and well-maintained environment, bar and coffee shop owners can create a positive perception of their establishment and leave a lasting impression on their customers, thereby increasing their likelihood of returning in the future.

Crable Wireless Charging Shelves provide advanced security which would make theft near-impossible and hamper the efforts of any skilled thief. While almost all other charging solutions can simply be unplugged and taken away at will, the Crable shelf is installed in a way which makes removing it from the wall by prohibited persons an extremely tough ask. Approved fitters can safely and effectively fit and remove a Crable Wireless shelf in commercial premises.

Sponsors Are Screaming Out for New Opportunities

Another advantage of increased dwell-time is the potential for sponsorship opportunities. By partnering with relevant brands or local businesses, hospitality establishments can host sponsored events or promotional activities that garner customer interest and encourage extended stays. Using the Crable Shelves’ customisable capabilities can assist in the endeavour.These collaborations not only diversify revenue streams but also offer an added value to patrons, contributing to a memorable experience that goes beyond the standard offerings of the venue.

From trendy coffee shops to bustling bars, the benefits of increased dwell-time are vast and extend to a wide variety of businesses within the hospitality sector. However, it is essential for management and decision-makers to recognise the significant role technology plays in facilitating longer customer visits. By embracing technological advancements, such as introducing reliable Wi-Fi connections, providing charging stations, or promoting contactless payment options, establishments can create an environment that supports customer needs and seamlessly integrates with their daily lives.

For coffee shops, offering complimentary Wi-Fi encourages customers to spend more time at the venue as they can catch up on work, browse social media, or stream their favourite content. Similarly, bars can enhance their clientele's experience by providing Crable’s wireless charging stations, ensuring that customers won't have to cut their visits short due to dead phone batteries. Additionally, offering contactless payment options speeds up transactions, saving customers valuable time and further motivating extended dwell-time.

It's All About the Experience

Increasing access to technology which retains customers in hospitality businesses, such as bars and coffee shops, is a valuable proposition that provides numerous advantages. From driving sales through second cuppas and additional rounds to promoting a safer and inviting atmosphere, extending the length of customer visits benefits both the venue and its patrons. By incorporating strategies like offering entertainment options, hosting special events, prioritising cleanliness, and embracing technology, bar and coffee shop owners and managers can unlock the potential for increased foot traffic and profitability. With a vibrant and welcoming environment, these establishments have the power to create memorable experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

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