Frequently asked questions

We have tried to answer your most common questions in our library of FAQs. If you can't find the answer you're looking for or you require a specialist response to your charging hub queries, just email your question here.

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Do you have tech specs?

All the technical specifications you will need can be found in our Data Sheet which you can download here.

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Do you provide install guides?

You can download your installation guide here. In the instructions you will be advised how to perfectly mount your Crable charging shelf to the wall. Electrical installation should be undertaken by a suitably trained person.

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Do you recycle Crables?

We are able to upcycle every part and component of your Crable charging shelf. Upcycling can be arranged for your Crable's end of 'service'.

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Do you offer consulting services?

We have experts on hand to share their knowledge and experience of the commercial charging industry. Whatever the sector or aspect of service/installation you require, this can be arranged.

Our partners

Crable only partners with leaders in their field. This way our customers can be certain they will receive the best advice and service at all times. We have distribution and installation partners who we consider our brand ambassadors too. All partners are integral to the success of Crable and our charging shelves.

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