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For all those involved in the design, supply and construction industries we have these fabulous BIM model integrations. Our patented and design registered charging shelves are listed on global platforms NBS and bimstore and are now available for download and specification.
There are four international configurations per library with socket and plug type compatibility the difference. Crable charging stations with Plug Types B, F, G and I are listed. Each Crable configuration is available for BIM in two different colours - Dark Grey (RAL 7016) and Light Grey/White (RAL 7035).

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BIM models from bimstore

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Frequently asked questions

We have tried to supply our BIM partners with as much information that you will require when considering our charging shelves for specification. If you can't find the answer you're looking for then check out our FAQs below. Feel free to just drop us a note if you're looking for more technical or business specific advice.

Are Crables available with international socket types?

The undersides of Crables are populated with both plug sockets and USB ports. The socket type you have in your Crable will be dictated by the dominant plug type, voltage and frequency of your country of installation. We are fully certified and approved to supply Crables with sockets for plug types B, F, G or I. Check out our map of world plug standards here to check which socket types you should be specifying.

Are your wireless charging shelves QI compatible?

Every Crable charging shelf is fitted with two wireless chargers that sit beneath the top surface. Both chargers can give 15W of power to your battery and will charge your device quickly and safely. Our wireless charging shelves are QI compatible which means they will provide fast charge to any mobile phone (or other device) with an in-built wireless receiver.

How robust is the build material?

Our charging stations are manufactured using only the strongest materials and are specifically designed for heavy usage in high traffic areas. Our solutions are built for commercial environments unlike other charging options which are really only suitable for domestic environments. We manufacture our Crable shells with PC/ABS which is a really tough plastic that can withstand high impacts. We apply an appropriate toughness test to all components that are fitted within a Crable charging shelf.

Do you offer a maintenance support service?

Not only do we offer full surveying and installation services but, yes, we also offer maintenance packages. We pride ourselves that your Crable is going to thrive in whatever environment you choose to install. But, for complete peace of mind we can provide monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance which can include upgrading options for your charging stations.

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