Our core business is the design and supply of charging station solutions for your business. We know that you may also want to explore a more complete package that incorporates surveying, installation, maintenance, upgrading and other services. We're delighted to offer these services directly or through our national and international partners. Whatever your requirements, we can deliver a bespoke package to meet your needs and ensure complete satisfaction.

Fully Integrated Crable Services

From prime positioning to the quickest, safest installation, we’re on hand to ensure your Crables are always perfectly connected. You’ll have a lot to consider when it comes to incorporating Crable charging stations into your environment, but we’re on hand to offer surveys, installations, training and maintenance packages to make sure you get the most from your investment. Whether buying outright or hiring for a full term, we can build your quotation to match your requirements.

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The best of British engineering, design & manufacturing

After searching the globe for suitable supply chain partners, we realised that the best companies were the ones on our doorstep. We’re proud to have a team of the very best designers in their field from the North East of England. Our incredibly robust product made of the toughest materials is manufactured locally and we're proud to display the mark 'Made in Britain'.

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Configuration and Design

We have standard configurations of Crables but due to the modular nature of the components, we are able to configure to your specification. Just ask if you'd like more USB ports and less plug sockets. We'd be more than happy to accommodate requests like these. Additionally, we are able to supply Crables that promote your brand ID. You might want to feature your logo, a call to action, a sponsors' logo or a QR code. Our designers are standing by to assist in creating the perfect configuration and artwork for your Crable.


We have both national and international distributors of Crable charging shelves. These distribution partners are brand ambassadors too and are able to answer any technical queries you may have. Your commercial sector might have some very specific requirements but we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and put your mind at rest.


Planning out your Crable installation is so important. Not only does this identify the best locations but it also provides an efficient plan for installation engineers to work with. At Crable we can provide a full surveying service that ensures your installation will go smoothly, safely and efficiently with the absolute minimum of disruption to your day-today business activities.


Installing Crable charging shelves is a very simple job and is akin to the installation of electric hand dryers - wall-mounted and direct to mains. We always recommend installation using a fused spur though each Crable is internally fused for additional security. Our Installation Guide will show you everything you need to know. As part of Crable's extensive range of services, we are able to offer full installations through our partners. Several of these you may well have worked with before as we only work with national and international organisations that have the highest reputations to maintain.


Our standard manufacturer's warranty carries 12 months security for you. As part of our bespoke purchase packages, we are able to offer extended warranties to a maximum of 60 months. Our rental packages are built around fixed terms with warranties automatically included for the duration of your term.

Finance Options

If you're looking for affordable monthly payments then we are able to offer rental packages that will meet your budget. Sometimes cashflows dictate that an outright purchase of your Crables isn't the best option for your business. Don't hesitate to get in touch to explore finance options that are most suitable for securing return on your investment in Crable charging stations.

Maintenance Packages

Our charging shelves are designed and built to thrive in challenging environments. Regardless, you may want to implement a proactive monthly, quarterly or annual 'service' of your Crables which we're more than happy to provide for you. Inevitably there may be occassions where a Crable is damaged through misuse or abuse. We have a policy to always hold a stock of of your Crables (even your bespoke designs) so that we are able to supply you with a replacement ASAP.


Technology does not stand still and nor does Crable. We are always looking at ways to embrace the latest tech. Our patented and registered designs allow us to upgrade/reconfigure your Crables should an advancement in a technical solution meet your business needs in the future.

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