William McClelland

Founded Crable with a simple idea that charging phones and other portable appliances shouldn't be a challenge when away from home. Striving to end cable chaos.

CEO & Founder

I created Crable charging shelves not through an attempt to try to identify a possible career change, but because I knew the unfulfilled market was already there. Professionally, I needed a charging solution contained within a wall-mounted shelf for a chain of super-budget hotels (hostels) that I was running.

With a strong background in hospitality, I had always been focused on the customer and in Crables we have designed a customer-friendy product that is essential for all commercial premises. A product that provides the premises with an interactive service solution for their customers – happy customers PLUS increased dwell time and an end to Nomophobia, that feeling we all have when we know our devices are running out of charge.

My own Crable journey has taken me through conceptualisation, designing, testing, manufacturing, more testing, legal protection, loads more testing to finally arrive at today’s Crable Charging Shelf. I am proud to say we now have an ideal solution to one of the modern world’s most recurring issues – keeping our devices charged whenever and wherever the need arises.

We have spoken to hundreds of businesses along the way, listening and adapting to identify what problems they have and which we know we can solve. While I’ve always known the market was already there, a great product doesn’t stem from its originator’s personal perspective. Adapt or die and learn from many, many assumptions and mistakes.

Hospitality thrives on teamwork and co-operation, and I have built up a dynamic alliance of engineers, designers, brand ambassadors, strategic partners, creatives and agents. Bringing a strong team together through identifying the right talent and creating a shared enthusiasm for the Crable vision have been key to our innovation.

I have been delighted to bring the concept and reality of Crable back home with me to the north east of England, creating local and sustainable workflows and networks to develop a charging solution that is configurable to all international target markets, giving a global reach to a global problem.

I’m passionate about the Crable brand. I’m constantly imagining opportunities where Crable doesn’t just reinforce brand profile but brings an enhanced experience that will lead to higher customer expectations at point of use.

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