Commercial standard phone charging solutions

At Crable we believe in providing value for money for our robust, secure and safe commercial standard charging stations. You can choose Crables from our standard colour range or pick your own colour for bespoke manufacturing. Either way we will price quickly and competitively to meet your needs and we will always try to add value.

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We like to keep things simple but understand that no two businesses are the same and nor are any two commercial buildings. Get in touch with one of our consultants today and they will be happy to talk you through all the options available to build your perfect charging hub solution.

Frequently asked questions

Over the years we have been asked every question imaginable. Many people want a better understanding of the principles and benefits of wireless charging while others want to get to grips with the value proposition specific to their business sector. Here's a few FAQs to get you started with many more answered within our Resources Guides.

Do you have examples of past case studies?

We have loads of examples of successful Crable installations that have delivered happy customers and end users. We have categorised our studies by sector. You can have a read through our case studies here.

Do you offer installation support abroad?

We have developed an international network of installation partners. All approved and authorised to ensure your surveying and installation needs are met in full. We will help you decide the best approaches to installation with surveying support.

How do I contact my local sales team?

Get in touch with us here and we can quickly direct you to the best person to speak with about your charging requirements. If your question is technical we will be able to answer those queries too.

Do you offer Crables in other sizes?

Our Crable charging shelves have been designed to perfectly meet the needs of all commercial premises worldwide. Capable of charging up to 8 appliances at once means 'one size fits all'. We can configure your Crable to meet your needs though.

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