Hello Designers

Are you looking to provide a modern, functional solution that supplies local power and light in any number of situations? 

Look no further than Crable Shelf Stations.

Crables are shelves that provide power in the form of sockets, USBs and wireless charging pads.

UK Crable – Cyber Grape

Crables provide light from LEDs in a choice of moods – blue, cool or warm.

Offices and other work environments might like a data solution through RJ45s.

Name a location for installation and Crables can provide the wall-mounted solution:

BEDSIDE – anywhere there’s a bed!

Hotels Hostels Student Accommodation BnB’s

TABLESIDE – anywhere there’s a table!

Cafes Bars Restaurants Lounges Waiting Areas Salons

DESKSIDE – anywhere there’s a desk!

Offices Studios Call Centres Meeting Rooms Libraries

OTHER – you name the location and a Crable will work for you!

Caravans RVs Ferries Exhibitions Corporate Boxes Receptions

….and your HOME!

A Classic Cream Crable in The Ware Rooms Newcastle

All power, light and data options are inter-changeable to your requirements through the use of standardised 50x50mm and 50x25mm modules.

Designers can choose from over 300 RAL plastic colours. There’s no need to be limited by a small selection of unfashionable, safe ranges. Minimum quantity orders are required when dictating your colour choice but standard stocked Crable colours are available for smaller orders.

Crables can be branded up using logos, messaging, QR codes, pictures etc. UV Flatbed, Pad, Screen or Hydrographic printing can be used depending on the suitability of the environment the Crable is to be installed in.

Crables are made from really strong PCABS and when correctly fitted to a suitable wall can easily hold 20kg directly and over 80kg indirectly.

CE, UL and CA certification for the housing is on its way but all components used are already CE certified at least. Crables have UL94 fire resistance (self-extinguishing within 10 seconds) and have UV stabilisers added.

Crables are manufactured and assembled in the UK. Crables have a Registered Design and we have Global Patent Pending.

Available in the UK and the rest of Europe NOW and the US to follow soon. Patent Pending Under Patent Application Number GB1800827. Registered under Community Registered Design No. EM005635356-0001

Crables can be supplied to your exact specification of colour, electrical components and branding within 6 weeks in Europe. Supply times to other areas will be dependent on agreement of air vs sea freight costs.

We’re happy to white label Crables.

Email or call to get a bespoke quote. Thanks for reading.